PP AODD Pump Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Manufacturers India

● Fluid Inlet & Outlet – 38 mm
● Air Inlet – 1.4” NPT
● Max Flow – 200 LPM
● Max Head – 80 Meter
● Wetted Part – Polpropylene
● Diaphragm – Teflon
● NRV Ball – Teflon
● Construction Type – Bolted
● Dry Suction Capacity – 3 meter
● Max Solid particle – 3.5 mm
● Weight – 18 Kg
● Temperature can bare – 4° C to 70° C.

AODD Pump Manufacturers

We are a Leading AODD Pump Manufacturers Suppliers and Exporters in India. We have captured almost all Asia and Specifically Gulf Countries. We have a total range of Aluminium  AODD Pumps, Polypropylene AODD Pumps, SS AODD Pumps, PVDF AODD Pumps. AODD Pumps have the ability to work in Negative Suction and with different Viscosity with a single Pump and can create a pressure of 7 bar. The flow rates of our AODD Pumps Manufactured by us are enhanced and designed in such a way that it has low pulsation and air consumption are reduced. Stall-free, ice-free functioning is ensured by our proprietary imbalanced air valve design. Our AODD Pumps might be employed in potentially explosive regions because of their pneumatic motor. AODD Pumps Manufactured by us come in a variety of sizes and flow rates, enabling you to choose the flow outlet and discharge pressure. Our pumps can pump as little as 0.26 gallons (1 litre) per minute and as much as 275 gallons (1079 litres) per minute. Using an air filter/regulator and a needle valve, adjust fluid pressure up to 125 (8.6 bar). Each AODD Pump (Diaphragm Pump) may be tailored to your specific fluid transfer requirements. Diaphragm materials (Teflon/Neoprene/Buna), housing alternatives (Aluminum/SS/PP/PVDF), and accessories are also available. Find fluid sections and housings made of metal or plastic that can handle any fluid, even corrosive and abrasive fluids.


The range of AODD Pumps manufactured by us are as below

* SS AODD Pumps

* PP AODD Pumps


* Aluminium AODD Pumps

* Cast Iron AODD Pumps

AODD Pumps

AODD Pumps (air operated double diaphragm pumps) are used to move a wide range of fluids. From clean, low viscosity fluids to medium viscosity fluids, AODD Pumps can handle them all. AODD Pumps Manufactured by us are capable of pumping big particles without causing harm. Corrosive and abrasive fluids are no problem for metal or plastic diaphragm pump casings. Even in the roughest environments, AODD Pumps are precisely constructed to go the distance. For industrial and chemical applications, AODD Pumps are a dependable and cost-effective option. Cross-contamination is eliminated, and operator safety is improved, thanks to our bolted, leak-free structure. Repair time and cost are decreased because of modular construction, reduced part count, and simple-to-use repair kits. Our AODD Pumps are put through rigorous testing much beyond regular industrial use to guarantee that they are made to last. In India, there are only a few AODD Pump Manufacturers, and we are one of them.

What are the benefits of using AODD Pumps?​

• Ability to Run Dry

AODD Pump has a very useful feature to have the capability to run dry when the pumping application may result in varying & inconsistent suction conditions.
• Ability to Self-Prime
AODD Pump doesn’t have to prime like other centrifugal Pump, AODD Pump can be used as a sump pump where positive suction conditions are not available.

• Sealless Design

Because there is no mechanical seal, the AODD Pumps manufactured by us are completely enclosed and leak-free.

• Ability to lift up to 1200 CP Viscous liquids:

AODD Pumps can handle a wide range of fluid viscosities. AODD Pump can transfer both high and low viscosity materials can be employed for a wide range of applications. Other pump types are unable to handle excessively viscous fluids and will cease operating or break down under similar circumstances.

• Ability to Pass Solids
The ball & seat / check-valve design also allows passing solid particles in AODD Pumps.
• Ease of Maintenance
Diaphragm Pumps are simple, non-technical & non-mechanical require no specialist training for maintenance.
• Continuous Operation
The air valve is designed to be anti-stalling & anti-freezing and thus allows the AODD pump to be Operate Continuously.

• Gentle pumping

Because there are no impellers or other moving elements in contact with the liquid being pushed, these AODD Pumps are ideal for transferring shear-sensitive media.

• Ability to Submerged

The majority of AODD Pumps models are entirely submersible. Both the liquid route and exterior components of a submersible pump must be compatible with the substance in which it will be submerged. Submerged pumps must have an air exhaust line connected to them and the exhaust piped above the liquid level.