PP AODD Pump PPDPT - 0.5

PP AODD Pump Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Manufacturers India

● Fluid Inlet & Outlet – 13mm x 13mm
● Air Inlet – 1/4” BSP (6.3mm)
● Max Flow – 40 Liter per Minute
● Max Head – Up to 50 Meter
● Max Liquid Density – 1.3
● Wetted Part – Polypropylene
● Diaphragm – Teflon
● NRV Ball – Teflon
● Construction Type – Bolted
● Dry Suction Capacity – 2.7 meter
● Max Solid particle – 3 mm
● Weight – 5 Kg
● Temperature can bare – 4° C to 70° C.

Our range of PP AODD Pumps

Air Diaphragm Pump (AODD Pumps)

Air Diaphragms Pump are essentially leak-free and Corrosion Free Pumps. In Polypropylene Air Diaphragms Pumps there are only stationary seals between the wetted parts and the outside environment so Leakage and Corrosion can only occur if one or both diaphragms fail. As part of a general maintenance program, diaphragms should be replaced regularly, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Diaphragms suffer less wear in an AODD Pump than those in a mechanically driven Diaphragm Pumps because of the benefit of pressure balancing by the compressed air supply.

Polypropylene Air Diaphragm Pump

Polypropylene Air Diaphragm Pump are capable of handling Acidic, Abrasive, Highly Viscous Fluids, Sludge’s or Slurries. In addition, the gentle pumping action makes them ideal for any sensitive fluids. The four internal check valves generally use either a ball or flap design. Ball valves provide a better seal and are less prone to wear than flap designs. But Ball valves wear more evenly since the ball is free to rotate during operation and settle in a different position on the seat. Flap Type check valves have the advantage that they can more easily pass large solids entrained within the pumped fluid.

With no internal seals or moving components requiring lubrication and cooling, a PP AODD Pump can be run dry for a long period indefinitely without damage. AODD Pumps are self-priming and some are capable of a Negative Suction lift of up to 8 Meters. AODD pumps are suitable for use in Hazardous, Corrosive even Flammable areas because of the use of compressed air as the power source rather than Electricity. For the same reason, an AODD pump can be safely submerged – as long as the air vent is above the liquid level.