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PP Vertical Pumps

We are one of a leading Manufacturers of PP Vertical Pumps. We have a long series of PP Vertical Pump from 1 HP up to 20 HP. We are specialised in Fabricating as per Client Specification and needs. PP Vertical Pumps are compact design used and installed where the saving of space is important factor or mechanical shaft seal not required. These pumps are designed and used for highly corrosive nature of liquid is to be handled or where non-adherence of product or zero metallic contamination is must. Plastic Vertical Pumps are equally ideal for continuous or intermittent service for handling corrosive as well as ultra-pure chemicals without fear of corrosion or contamination. All wetted components are molded Polypropylene engineering plastic. These pumps are very cost effective than high alloy or exotic metal pumps, and are highly useful where all other metal pumps are completely inadequate. PP Vertical Centrifugal process pump are chemical resistant and all contact parts are made from Polypropylene with PTFE sealing-rings. Provides excellent resistance to corrosive and hazardous acid like HCL, H2SO4 (30% TO 60%), HNO3 etc.