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Chemical Transfer Pump

Numatic Pumps is among the largest Chemical Transfer Pump Manufacturer and Suppliers in India. We manufacture, supply and trade excellent Chemical Transfer Pump which are made of polypropylene (PP), PVDF, PTFE and SS. We are using the latest technology to meet variegated demands of our patron. Our Chemical Transfer Pumps are used in chemical industries, laminates industries, rubber industries, textile industries, power stations, handling of hydrocarbons, fertilizer industries, water desalination plants.


A Centrifugal Chemical Transfer Pump is known as a Hydrodynamic pump or dynamic pressure pump. It works on the principle of centrifugal force, which are usually quick to install and easy to repair. Long life minimum maintenance and seamless performance all these features are best justified in Numatic Pumps. The Propeller Pumps indeed rules the industry by the matchless corrosive and abrasive solutions offered by it. The vivid range of propellers Centrifugal Models is unrivalled. It is best designed to meet any and every possible high flow, low head pumping requirements.

Chemical Transfer Pump Applications:

* Milk, Cream, Buttermilk Condensed Milk, Fruit Juice, Sugar Syrup.

* Vitamin solutions, sugar & confectionery.

* RO Water, DM water, Water treatment plants, Pure Water, Water for injection.

* Vegetable Oil, Mineral Oil, Lube Oil, Pharmaceutical formulations, syrup etc.

* An alkaline solution, Acids, Fine Chemicals.

* Bottling plants, soft drinks & distillery, Food processing/liquid foodstuffs.

* Colour dyes and pigments/paints, Descaling applications, paper & cement industries.

* Detergent, soaps, paste & shampoo, Textile sizing, dyeing & finishing systems

* Natural cellulose fiber / synthetic fiber system, Hot & cold water pumping.

Chemical Transfer Pump Special Features:

Chemical transfer pumps are essential for transporting hazardous chemicals and liquids from one location to another. Depending on the application, a large range of chemical transfer pumps are available, each with somewhat different features, characteristics, or construction materials. Most of these pumps are also leak-free, ensuring the integrity of your site and the safety of your pump operators. When transferring chemicals, chemical compatibility is critical to ensure the pump can tolerate the nature of the liquid. You may use the Numatic Pumps range menu to help you choose the best material for a chemical transfer pump.


› Chemical Transfer Pump is Modular Constructed, High Interchangeability, Fast Delivered.

› Versatile Shaft Sealing arrangement, Gland Packing as a Standard arrangement and Option to use Mechanical Seal.
› Centrifugal Chemical Trasfer Pump process type Design Results in Minimum downtime.
› Back Pullout Design enabling easier removal for Inspection and Maintenance of Chemical Transfer Pump.
› Closed Impeller ensures high Efficiency for a Long Period of Operation.
› Pump comes in 3 Bearing Design resulting in good Continuous Process with High Productivity.
› Bigger Shaft and Bearing size enabling sturdy Design.

Type of Chemical Transfer Pumps

There are many types of Pumps used for Chemical transfer the most common are