PP (Polypropylene) Coupled Pumps

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PP Centrifugal Pump

We are PP Centrifugal Pump Manufacturers and Suppliers in India (Mumbai) which are made of thermoplastic glass filled (Polypropylene) materials and are suitable for high corrosive Chemical liquids. Thanks to the innovative Polypropylene system it reduces the risks of losses and the maintenance costs In Chemical Industries. This guarantees the maximum safety and efficiency.
PP Coupled Pumps structure is really simple and requires a very minimal maintenance. Result in save of time and repairing and reduces spare parts costs. Polypropylene Horizontal Centrifugal Coupled Chemical and Acid pumps conceived for industrial applications, production lines and ecological facilities. Where resistance to chemical aggression must be coupled with reliability and easy maintenance. These Pumps are mainly used in Acidic, Corrosion and Hazardous Chemical Environments.
Their particular construction pumps eliminate the possibility of any contact between metal parts and the liquids. While the selection of materials and manufacturing technologies guarantees compatibility with the products handled a long operating life and conformity. The adoption of pumps with these characteristics eliminates are safe even in case of breaks. Hazardous Chemical leaks are easily handled by a System of Back Pull Openings. Allowing the absolutely safe pumping of chemical substances.

PP Coupled Pump

A pump coupling is a component that links the spinning pump shaft to the driving shaft of the motor, allowing the motor to successfully transmit power to the pump. The most frequent pump used in the chemical and acid industries is the PP Coupled Pumps. Because both the portion Pump and the motor are Love Joy Coupled, they can be readily serviced and avoid one element of the Pump from damaging another. When a pump is close coupled, a separate connection is not necessary because the motor is directly connected to the pump on a single shaft, but overheating or other faults might harm the entire pump, which is known as a Monoblock Pump. Monoblock Pumps should be avoided in high-temperature or high-horsepower situations. Numatic Pumps is a well-known maker of PP centrifugal pumps. PP Centrifugal Pump is capable of handling caustic liquids. To maintain dimensional accuracy, our specifically built PP Centrifugal Pumps contain injection moulded wetted components and Teflon bellow type mechanical sealing to seal wetted and non-wetted portions.