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Numatic Pumps is a true “Made in India” company that proudly manufactures and assembles all of its pumps in India Mumbai. After all, finding solutions to various issues is far easier when all relevant personnel is under the same roof. Similarly, staff proximity allows us to iterate on existing designs quickly, allowing us to create custom products for clients with our machine shop and moulding shop working in tandem. And our employees have the drive, expertise, and experience to turn your vision into a reality. These engineers provide both design services and ongoing support, indicating that they are knowledgeable about both pump theory and practical application. We have a wide range of pumps available, including centrifugal, self-priming, air motor, submersible, and more. By clicking the buttons below, you can view pumps within a specific series, filter by pump type, or enter your part/model number to view more information about that product. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Please contact us if you require any further assistance.

Numatic Pumps is the brand with the greatest technical expertise in Manufacturing Industrial Pumps Mainly a Magnetic Drive Pumps which is a Sealless Pumps. The other Range of Pumps in Magnetic Drive Pumps is PP Magnetic Drive Pumps, PVDF Magnetic Drive Pumps, PTFE Magnetic Drive Pumps, and SS Magnetic Drive Pumps. Which are also called Plastic Pumps Chemical Pumps or Acid Pumps. The company also offers excellent service in addition to maintenance and repairs for Industrial Pumps. Also includes the supply and installation of the Pump’s Mechanical spare parts. The Centrepiece of the Numatic pump product portfolio is the PP – PVDF – PTFE Magnetic Drive Pump also called Mag Drive Pump. Other Types include for example PP – PVDF – PTFE – PFA Monoblock Pump & PP – PVDF – PTFE – PFA Centrifugal Coupled Pumps, Motorised Barrel Pumps, Motorised Screw Barrel Pumps, Pneumatic Barrel Pumps, Pneumatic Screw Barrel Pump, AODD Pump, Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump, Vertical Sealless Pump, Dairy and Pharma Pump, and more such Industrial Pumps.

Magnetic Drive Pump

Magnetic Drive Pump

Magnetic Drive Pump Designs have become the standard for applications requiring High Acidic and Corrosion Resistant. Magnetic Drive Pumps are Sealless Pumps used for Acids, Alkalis, Corrosive & Hazardous Chemical, Electroplating and Pharmaceutical Industries. “Magnetic Coupled” refers to the coupling between the wet end of the pump and the motor. In “direct drive” the impeller of the pump is attached to the shaft of the motor and this design depends on the Mechanical shaft seal. In a magnetic drive pump, the wet end and motor are two separate parts, connected by a motor bracket. At the end of the motor shaft, a drive magnet is attached, and as it rotates around the rear housing, the impeller, which is fixed upon another magnet, spins in synchronization. Our magnetic drive pump designs offer a wide range of capabilities from compact NP-15 configurations up to 800 Liter per Minute large chemical process pump series in Polypropylene, PVDF and SS 316.

AODD Pumps

AODD Pumps

AODD pumps, also known as air operated double diaphragm pumps or pneumatically operated diaphragm pumps are used in a variety of mining, paint, acid, chemicals applications and can handle a wide range of feeds such as sludges, slurries, abrasive and sensitive fluids. They are especially useful where electricity is unavailable or in explosive or flammable areas because they are powered solely by compressed air. AOD pumps are a type of reciprocating diaphragm pump or positive displacement pump that uses compressed air to move two diaphragms. It is made up of two pumping chambers that are filled and discharged alternately by the movement of flexible diaphragms. To generate the pumping action, compressed air is alternately fed into and vented from air chambers on opposite sides of the diaphragms. The air section, which includes a shuttle valve, alternately applies air to the two diaphragms which are equipped with a set of a check or ball valves.

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Basically, mono means single, as its name suggests Monoblock Pump means Pump unit is rigidly connected to a Motor, Motor and Pump are built together as a Single Unit in the same housing in which a common shaft contains the rotating parts. During the transmission from the Motor to Shaft, there is loss of energy of 7% in coupling driven sets hence to avoid these transmission losses Monoblock pump sets evolved.

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* SS * PP * PVDF * PFA

Centrifugal Coupled Pumps are the most popular pumps, which are stand-alone pumps with two separate types of units, a bare pump and an electric motor to drive, installed on a base frame. Because there is a separation between the Pump and the Motor, there is no heat transfer from the pump to the Motor, making it safe for the Pump and Motor, Centrifugal Coupled Pumps are easy to maintain and Install.

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* PP * PVDF * PFA * SS

Magnetic Drive Pump or Magnetically Coupled Pumps vary from the traditional pumping style, as the Motor is Coupled to the Pump by Magnetic means without direct shaft. The Mag Drive Pump works via a drive magnet which is magnetically coupled to the shaft driven by motor. These Manetic Drive Pumps are often used where leakage of fluid poses great risk like Hazardous & Flammable Liquids.

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* SS * Polypropylene

The term Self Priming Pump describes a Centrifugal Pump that uses an air-water mixture to reach a fully-primed pumping condition. A Self-Priming Pump clears its passages of air and start pumping. The Self Priming Pump is designed to lift water from some level below the pump suction without having to fill the suction piping with liquid. It creats a partial vacuum at the Pump suction which removes the air from the suction line.

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* SS * Polypropylene * PVDF

A Vertical pump is always mounted in a Vertical position and Pumps Motor is located above ground or Liquide and is connected via a long vertical shaft to impeller at the bottom of the pump. As the impeller and Pump are totally submerged in the tank or Liquid the pump Doesn’t require Mechanical Seal hence there are no leakage issues. As there is one common shaft from Motor to Impeller it has low Vibration and Long life.

Available MOC
* SS 316 * PP * Aluminium

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump is a positive displacement Pump that uses compressed air as a power source and diaphragms to pump fluid. When compressed air is passed through an AODD Pumps the air is shifted from one chamber to another by a linked shaft that allows the chambers to move simultaneously back-and-forth this motion forces liquid out and fills another chamber at the same time.

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