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Numatic Pumps is the brand with the greatest technical expertise in Manufacturing Industrial Pumps Mainly Magnetic Coupled Centrifugal Pump which is Sealless Pump. The other Range of Pumps is PP Pumps, PVDF Pumps, PTFE Pumps and PFA Pumps. Which are also called Plastic Pumps or Chemical Pumps or Acid Pumps. The company also offers excellent service which in addition to maintenance and repairs for Industrial Pumps. Also includes the supply and installation of Pumps Mechanical spare parts. The Centrepiece of the Numatic pump product portfolio is the PP – PVDF – PTFE Magnetic Drive Pump also called Mag Drive Pumps. Other Types include for example: PP – PVDF – PTFE – PFA Monoblock Pump & PP – PVDF – PTFE – PFA Centrifugal Coupled Pumps, Motorised Barrel Pump, Motorised Screw Barrel Pump, Pneumatic Barrel Pump, Pneumatic Screw Barrel Pump, AODD Pump, Vertical Sealless Pump, Dairy and Pharma Pump and more such Industrial Pumps. These Pumps are Specially Designed for Acetic Acid, Citric Acid, Ethylene Glycol, Formaldehyde, Hydrochloric Acid (Muriatic), Nitric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Potassium Chloride, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda), Sodium Chloride, Sulfuric Acid, Fresh Water, Salt Water, DI Water, and many more chemicals and Acid, Corrosion and Hazardous Chemical. Numatic Pumps provides solutions for all industries of Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Textile processing & dye baths, Electroplating, Various metal recovery systems, Metal finishing, Colour photo processing, Food processing, Dairies, soft drinks and beverages, X-Ray film, I.C. photoengraving process/PCB plants, Refrigeration & chilling plants, Water treatment plants, Galvanizing/Anodising plating plants, Etching/Spark erosion machines and others areas of Acid, Pharmaceutical and Petroleum Industries.

Milk Dairy Sanitary Pump

Magnetic Drive Sealless Pump

Magnetic Drive Designs have become the standard for applications requiring High Acidic and Corrosion Resistant. These are Sealless Pumps used for Acids, Alkalis, Corrosive & Hazardous Chemical, Electroplating and Pharmaceutical Industries. “Magnetic Coupled” refers to the coupling between the wet end of the pump and the motor. In “direct drive” the impeller of the pump is attached to the shaft of the motor and this design depends on the Mechanical shaft seal. In a magnetic drive sealless pump, the wet end and motor are two separate parts, connected by a motor bracket. At the end of the motor shaft, a drive magnet is attached, and as it rotates around the rear housing, the impeller, which is fixed upon another magnet, spins in synchronization. Our magnet drive pump designs offer a wide range of capabilities from compact NP-15 configurations up to 650 Liter per Minute large chemical process pump series in Polypropylene, PVDF and SS 316.

Milk Dairy Sanitary Pump

SS316 Dairy Pump

Dairy Pumps are useful for Transfer / Circulation of a variety of liquids & Chemicals in * Pharmaceuticals Industries to Process Liquid Drugs & Syrups – Organic Solvents – Vitamin Solutions. * Food Industries to Process Sugar Syrup – Confectionery – Vegetable oil. * Dairy Industries to Process Milk – Butter Milk – Condensed Milk. * Beverages Industries to Process Fruit Juice – RO Water – Mineral Water – Cold Drinks etc. These Dairy or Sanitary Pumps are made from high-quality Hygenic Food Grade Rolled and Graded SS316 investment casting with fine Grinded And Finished Material which gives better quality and longer life. Front Openable Suction Casing with Threaded Type or Triclove Clamp Type Suction and Delivery. Precision manufacturing with precise tolerance enables the pump to deliver high capacity and head available in Bare Shaft and Monoblock design with std. TEFC motors or Flameproof motors to operate at 110 Degrees Celsius.

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Available MOC * SS 316 * Polypropylene * PVDF

Basically, mono means single, as its name suggests Monoblock Pump means Pump unit is rigidly connected to a Motor, Motor and Pump are built together as a Single Unit in the same housing in which a common shaft contains the rotating parts. During the transmission from the Motor to Shaft, there is loss of energy of 7% in coupling driven sets hence to avoid these transmission losses Monoblock pump sets evolved.

Available MOC * SS316 * PP * PVDF * PFA

Centrifugal Pump is a stand-alone pump with two different types of a unit a bare pump and an Electric Motor to run, mounted with a Coupling on a Base Frame. There is a gap between the Pump chamber and Motor, so there is no heat transfer from the pump to Motor hence safe for Motor and Magnetic Coupling which breakup on high load eliminating the risk of damaging Motor and Pump

Available MOC * Stainless Steel * Polypropylene

Pneumatic Barrel Pumps are operated by a mean of Compressed air which is passed through the air Motor to rotate the Shaft and Impeller in the Pump Tube. These Pumps are widely used in Industries for transfer of any Liquids which are Highly Flammable Liquids and Chemicals like Vaseline, Paints, and Grease. These Pumps facilitate easy removal of fluids from Barrels and eliminate the danger of Explosion & Fire.

Available MOC * Stainless Steel * Polypropylene

Pneumatic Screw Barrel Pumps are operated by a mean of Compressed air which is passed through the air Motor to rotate the Screw in the Pump Tube. These Pumps are used in Industries for transfer High Viscosity Flammable Liquids and Chemicals like Vaseline, Paints and Grease. Pneumatic Screw Pumps facilitate easy removal of fluids from Barrels and eliminate the danger of Explosion and help spillage around the barrel.

Available MOC * SS 316 * Polypropylene * PVDF

A Barrel Pump or Drum pump works by fitting into the top opening of a drum by way of its narrow tube, which houses a vertical shaft. The Drum Pump also consists of a small Motor attached to the vertical shaft at the top of the tube outside and the pumping element is located at the end of the shaft inside the Drum. configuration allows the Drum to be emptied without tipping and reduces the risk of spills.

Available MOC * SS 316 * Polypropylene * PVDF

A Motorised Screw Barrel Pump works by fitting into the top opening of a drum by way of its narrow tube, which houses a vertical Screw. The Pump Motor is attached to the vertical Screw at the top of the tube outside and it moves the Screw which is located inside the drum and this mosion of Screw allows the Media to move out side the Barrel. These Pumps are used in all Industries for transfer High Viscosity Liquids & Chemicals like Honey & Glue, etc.

Available MOC * Stainless Steel * Polypropylene

The term “Self-Priming Pump” describes a Centrifugal Pump that uses an air-water mixture to reach a fully-primed pumping condition. A Self-Priming Pump will clear its passages of air and start pumping. The Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump is designed to lift water from some level below the pump suction without having to fill the suction piping with liquid. It creats a partial vacuum at the Pump suction which removes the air from the suction line.

Available MOC * SS 316 * Polypropylene * PVDF

A Vertical pump is always mounted in a Vertical position and Pumps Motor is located above ground or Liquide and is connected via a long vertical shaft to impeller at the bottom of the pump. As the impeller and Pump are totally submerged in the tank or Liquid the pump Doesn’t require Mechanical Shaft Seal hence there are no leakage issues. As there is one common shaft from Motor up to Impeller it has low Vibration and Long life.

Available MOC * PP * PVDF * PFA * SS316

Magnetic Drive Pump or Magnetically Coupled Pumps vary from the traditional pumping style, as the Motor is Coupled to the Pump by Magnetic means rather than by a direct Shaft. The pump works via a drive magnet which is magnetically coupled to the primary shaft driven by the motor. These Pumps are often used where leakage of fluid poses great risk like Aggressive Fluid, Nuclear Industry, Hazardous & Flammable Liquids.

Available MOC * SS 316 * PP * Aluminium

Air Operated Diaphragm Pump is a positive displacement Pump that uses compressed air as a power source and reciprocating diaphragms and checks valves to pump fluid. When compressed air is passed through an AODD pump the air is shifted from one chamber to another by a linked shaft that allows the chambers to move simultaneously back-and-forth this motion forces liquid out of one chamber and fills another chamber at the same time.

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