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Polypropylene Diaphragm Pumps

Polypropylene Diaphragm Pumps are designed for Acidic and Flammable Media use. PP Diaphragm Pump can easily pump from clean, light Acidic viscosity fluids to corrosive, abrasive medium viscosity fluids and can transfer large particles without damage. Due to their pneumatic mechanism, they could be used in potentially explosive areas. PP Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps can run with a continuous supply of compressed air. Polypropylene Diaphragm Pumps can be versatile enough to help provide dewatering functions or transfer weak acids from storage Barrels or Drums. PP AODD Pumps are lightweight, can be easily transported where needed, and are equipped with a pneumatic operation to reduce exhaust and spark hazards. PP AODD Pumps are Self-priming Pumps and are capable of Dry Running. Numatic Pumps Diaphragm Pump is of a bolted type and offers a number of advantages that make them perfect for an almost endless variety of uses. PP Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps are air operated, they are used in Hazardous, Acidic and Flammable areas.

Diaphragm Pump

A Diaphragm Pump is a positive displacement pump that pumps fluid by combining the reciprocating action of a rubber, thermoplastic, or Teflon Diaphragm with appropriate valves on either side of the Diaphragm (check valves, butterfly valves, flap valves, or any other type of shut-off valves).

How does Diaphragm Pump works?

In a Diaphragm Pump, the Diaphragm is sealed with one side immersed in the pumped fluid and the other in air or hydraulic fluid. When the diaphragm flexes, the volume of the pump chamber increases and decreases. A pair of non-return check valves prohibit the fluid from flowing backwards. When the capacity of a Diaphragm Pump chamber is expanded (by pushing the diaphragm up), the pressure drops and fluid is sucked into the chamber. When the chamber pressure rises as a result of the lower volume (due to the diaphragm sliding down), the fluid that was previously sucked in is driven out. Finally, when the diaphragm rises, fluid is drawn into the chamber, completing the cycle. This movement is comparable to that of a cylinder in an internal combustion engine. Diaphragm Pumps provide an airtight seal between the driving mechanism and the compression chamber, allowing the pump to transport, compress, and expel the medium without the use of lubrication.

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