PP AODD Pump Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Manufacturers India

● Fluid Inlet & Outlet – 50mm x 50 mm
● Air Inlet – 1/2” BSP (13mm)
● Max Flow – 586 Liter per Minute
● Max Head – Up to 80 Meter
● Max Liquid Density – 1.8
● Wetted Part – Polypropylene
● Diaphragm – Teflon
● NRV Ball – Teflon
● Construction Type – Bolted
● Dry Suction Capacity – 4 meter
● Max Solid particle – 3.5 mm
● Weight – 35 Kg
● Temperature can bare – 4° C to 70° C.

Our range of PP AODD Pumps

Polypropylene AODD Pumps

We are a leading Polypropylene AODD Pumps Manufacturers in Gujarat, Mumbai, India. The Polypropylene AODD Pump (also known as a membrane pump) is a positive displacement pump that is powered by compressed air. A connected shaft transports compressed air from one chamber to the other, allowing the chambers to move at the same time. Polypropylene AODD Pumps move fluid by the alternate and repeated back and forth movement of two flexible diaphragms mounted on a common shaft. Polypropylene Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump is driven directly with compressed air through a sophisticated distribution system. Compressed air is directing the two air chambers on the opposite sides of the diaphragms. The shaft moves to the left, and the movement of the diaphragms increases the volume of pumping chamber A and, at the same time, reduces the volume of pumping chamber B and Vise versa, it repeats the movement from chamber B to chamber A. Valves on both sides of the pumping chambers ensure that fluid flows through the pump in one direction from the inlet to outlet. Thus, this is a simple principle of the polypropylene AODD pump.


Polypropylene Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps are intended for intermittent and portable applications involving moderately abrasive fluids and suspended particles. Pumping slurry, solvents, and high-viscosity liquids like paints and inks is simple. Pumps have a complete bolt construction and materials that are wear, corrosion, and abrasion resistant.

Our range of AODD Pumps




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Advantages of a PP AODD Pumps:

PP AODD Pumps are capable of running dry

PP AODD Pumps offer efficient solid handling
PP AODD Pumps deadhead safely
PP AODD Pumps do not shear end product
PP AODD Pumps require no electricity
PP AODD Pumps have a low initial purchase price
PP AODD Pumps are self priming
PP AODD Pumps can be submerged
PP AODD Pumps have a sealless design
PP AODD Pumps have variable flow and head pressures and do not have complex controls
PP AODD Pumps chemical and temperature resistance is exceptional

PP AODD Pumps can handle a wide viscosity range
PP AODD Pumps are simple to clean and sanitize
PP AODD Pumps meet all certification requirements
PP AODD Pumps are portable
PP AODD Pumps are easy to install and set up