Magnetic Pump PVDF-500

PVDF Mag Drive Pumps USA

● Pump Type – Centrifugal, Magnetic Drive, Non Self Priming Pump
● Pump Material – PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride)
● Shaft – Ceramic
● O’Ring, Bush & Bearing – Viton, GFT (Glass filled Teflon), Carbon
● Media – Concentrated Acid and Chemicals
● Max Liquid Density – 1.2
● Max Head – Upto 28 Meters
● Max Flow – 470 Leter per Minute
● Inlet & Outlet – 50 mm x 40 mm (Flange end Connection)
● Motor Specification – 3 HP, NFPL, 2800 RPM, 50 Hz, 3 Phase.
● Magnet – High Power Permanent Rare earth Magnets
● Fluid Temperature – 70° C (Max)
● Seal Type – Sealless
● Impeller – Closed Type

Our range of PP Magnetic Drive Pumps

PVDF Magetic Centrifugal Pumps

We are a leading Manufacturer, Suppliers and Exporters of PVDF Sealless Pumps. PVDF Seal less Mag drive centrifugal Pumps are made of thermoplastic materials PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride) and are suitable for high corrosive liquids. The risks of losses and the maintenance costs has reduced due to the innovative PVDF Magnetic Drive System. The structure is simple so the pump requires a very less maintenance with consequent save in terms of repairing and spare parts costs during the pump life. The transmission of the motion occurs through magnetic joints without using mechanical shaft seals. The external magnet placed on the drive shaft transmits the motion to the internal magnet connected to the impeller, which rotates and moves the fluid through the pump. This guarantees the maximum safety and efficiency. Our PVDF Magnetic drive pumps have a particular seal-less design that is suitable to pump corrosive and dangerous acids.

PVDF Magnetic Drive Pump features:

1. Excellent acid and alkaline resistance
The pump body is made of PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride) which is highly resistant to the acid/alkaline density of the solution. To meet market demand, Numatic Pump has provided PVDF Magnetic Centrifugal Pump, which improves acid resistance. The PVDF material can withstand temperatures of up to 110°C. Almost all solutions may be safely transferred in the application.
The flow rate of up to 650 LPM, a maximum head of 35 m, and a maximum power of 5 HP.


2. Resistance to Corrosion

The pump’s key components are extremely corrosion-resistant. The pump spindle, for example, can be composed of ceramic and SIC. Ceramic spindles are commonly used for low corrosion liquids. For high corrosive fluids, the SIC spindle is ideal.


3. Bearing with a one-of-a-kind design for long-term dry running
While the pump is operating properly, the fluid circulated cooling with the impeller, spindle, and magnet capsule due to the unique design of the Bearing. Even when the PVDF Magnetic Centrifugal Pump is operating dry, the temperature cannot rise rapidly enough to prevent catastrophic damage to the pump.


4. Simple to Assemble
A PVDF magnetic drive centrifugal pump internal parts are standard for easy assembly and are thoroughly designed with excellent performance. Parts replacement is simple and does not need the use of any special tools. It has time-saving advantages such as easy maintenance, disassembly, and inspection.


5. Exceptional Durability
The PVDF magnetic drive centrifugal pumps series pump is powered by an unusually strong permanent magnet with exceptional performance and coupling capacity.


6. Diverse Applications
The PVDF magnetic drive sealless pump is ideal for applications requiring low capacity with high head or high capacity with low head. It is frequently used in a variety of industrial operations. These pumps ensure superior performance and maximum durability in applications such as PCB process, chemical industry, circulation filtration, etching, plating, surface treatment, contaminated water treatment, and so on.

PVDF Magnetic Centrifugal Pump series

* PVDF – 30

* PVDF – 60

* PVDF – 100

* PVDF – 125

* PVDF – 170

* PVDF – 300

* PVDF – 500

* PVDF – 650