PP Magnetic Pump NP-125

Sealless Magnetic Drive PP Pump Numatic Pumps

● Pump Type – Centrifugal, Magnetic Drive, Non Self Priming Pump
● Pump Material – PP (Polypropylene)
● Shaft – Ceramic
● O’Ring, Bush & Bearing – Viton, GFT (Glass filled Teflon), Carbon
● Media – Diluted Acidic Solution
● Max Liquid Density – 1.3
● Max Head – Upto 12 Meter
● Max Flow – 125 Leter per Minute
● Inlet & Outlet – 26 mm x 26 mm (Nozzle end Connection)
● Motor Specification – 0.75 HP, NFLP, 2800 RPM, 50 Hz, 1 Phase or 3 Phase
● Magnet – High Power Permanent Rare earth Magnets
● Fluid Temperature – 70° C (Max)
● Seal Type – Sealless
● Impeller – Semi Open Type

Our range of PP Magnetic Drive Pumps

PP Mag Drive Pumps

In Mumbai, India, we are the leading PP Mag Drive Pumps Manufacturer and Supplier. We offer a full range of PP Mag Drive Pumps ranging from 15 LPM to 650 LPM. Our magnetic drive pumps are long-lasting and maintenance-free, as well as simple to install and compact in design. Ruhrpumpen’s magnetic drive pumps can handle over 150 different fluids, ranging from the most corrosive and aggressive acids to volatile chemicals and expensive liquids, as well as a wide range of mixtures in DIN/ISO and API configurations.

What is a Mag Drive Pump?

Mag Drive Pumps are magnetically-driven chemical-process pumps that do not require shaft sealing. Because there are no mechanical seals, seal-fluid pots, or cooling lines, the initial cost of the Mag Drive Pump, as well as day-to-day operational costs, are greatly reduced.


A magnetic connection is used to connect the motor drive and the pump drive, which works through the isolation shroud. This means there is no direct or indirect path for any fluids or gases to escape, posing a risk to both operators and the environment.



Mag Drive Pumps are available in a variety of construction materials, including PP and PVDF. Because of its wide range of applications, this type of pump contributes to technical standardisation in process engineering.