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Mag Drive Pumps

Incepted in the year 2000 Numatic Pumps is engaged in Manufacturing & Supplying of Nonmetallic PP Sealless Mag Drive Pumps, PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) Mag Drive Pumps, PP and PVDF Monoblock & Centrifugal Pumps in India Mumbai City. These pumps are heavily used in chemicals, Acid, Pharmaceutical, Food Industries, alkalies, corrosive and Hazardous chemicals. PP Mag Drive Pumps are also used for transferring and loading/unloading acid in tankers. We Manufacture and Supply all over the Globe. Our Large Range of Pumps Includes PP Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps, PVDF Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps, Nonmetallic PP & PVDF Monoblock Pumps, Nonmetallic PP & PVDF Centrifugal Pumps, Chemical and Acid Pumps, PP & PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) Sealless Pumps, Diaphragm Pumps, Dosing and Hydraulic Type Metering Pumps.

PP Sealless Pumps has the power to pull and release weight or pressure against gravity makes the pumps avail high appreciations from clients. The pumps come with pure copper binding support and brass impeller choices. Apart from this clients can get the pumps from us at industry leading rates. Our main focus is on PP Sealless Mag Drive Pumps also called Plastic Pumps used for Corrosive and Hazardous Chemicals. PP Mag Drive Pump Operates at the Temperature of 80° Celsius. They are available in PVDF Sealless Mag Drive, Monoblock and Centrifugal Designs.

PP Sealless Mag Drive Pump

PP Sealless Mag Drive Pumps are developed under the supervision of trained professionals. The basic material used by us in Mag Drive Pump is of premium quality and are made with hi-tech tools. The entire consignment is examined strictly before getting delivered to retain its consistency and efficiency at the premises of our patrons.

Advantages of Mag Drive Pumps

Mag Drive Pumps are commonly utilised with aggressive or dangerous liquids, unusual materials, acids, alkalis, corrosives, pollutants, and poisons when leaking of the pumped liquid poses a significant risk. They’re also utilised for ultra-pure liquids and liquids that are difficult to seal. To keep hazardous/challenging substances from escaping to the atmosphere, sealed pumps used in these sorts of services may leak over time or require complicated, expensive double seals, which can result in safety issues, downtime, and higher maintenance costs. Difficult liquids are another major use for magnetic drive pumps; for example, some liquids can crystallise on seal faces, resulting in seal failures. A permanent flush system should be run to the seal to avoid this. However, this can raise maintenance costs, seal flushing liquids, and energy use. Pump excursions and unplanned shutdowns are known to be caused by seals. A magnetic drive pump is a superior choice for these demanding services.

Because there is no direct connection between the electric motor shaft and the impeller in mag drive pumps, no seal is required. Unless the pump casing is cracked, there is little chance of leaking. The removal of seals improves the performance, dependability, and availability of pumps significantly. There is no possibility of leaking, which means liquids may be pumped without spilling. Eliminating the seals also eliminates the friction loss, wear, expenses, and noise that come with them. This allows for total separation of the liquid from the pump drive and improved motor power transmission to the pump. Because the mag drive pump chamber is fully separated from the electric motor by a huge air gap, there is virtually no heat transfer from the electric motor; this creates an effective barrier between the two. Any shock or spike torques will be softened by the magnetic coupling. It will operate as a fuse even in the most severe scenarios. If the pump’s load is too large, magnetic connections can be momentarily severed. In reality, this implies that the pump will not get overloaded and destroyed.

Mag drive pumps are available in a wide range of materials and metallurgies, both metallic and nonmetallic. Pumps with polymer linings are also employed because they are more corrosion resistant. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Lined Mag Drive Pumps, Perfluoroalkoxy alkanes (PFA) Lined Mag Drive Pumps, Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) Solid Moulded Mag Drive Pumps and Polypropylene (PP) Solid Moulded Mag Drive Pumps are some of the polymer coating choices. These lined or non-metallic choices are often used for normal temperatures, which are generally less than 90°C to 150°C. For even higher temperatures, metallic magnetic drive pumps can be employed.