PP Magnetic Pump NP-650

Polypropylene Sealless Pumps Manufacturers in India

● Max Flow – 620 Liter Per Minute
● Max Head – 34 Meter
● Capacity – 37.2 Cubic Meter / Hour
● Inlet/Outlet – 50mm x 40mm
● End Connection – Flanged Type
● Max Temperature – 70° C.
● Motor Capacity – 5 HP
● Motor Specification – 3 ph, NFLP, 2800 RPM, 50Hz
● Casing, Back Plate & Impeller – Polypropylene
● Shaft – Ceramic
● Sealing Arrangement – Sealless Pumps

Price: ₹ 42,000


1) All Prices are Excluding GST.
2) Transportation will be on To pay Basis.

What is Sealless Pump and how does it work?

Sealless Pump is a conventional centrifugal pump without the Mechanical Seal that would normally be used to seal the pump shaft. Now, this Mechanical Seal is replaced by a static containment shell to form a completely sealed Pump. With the use of rare earth magnets such as samarium cobalt, the magnets are much smaller and more efficient, leading to the units being more economically feasible.
In a Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump, the shaft from the motor is connected to an outer magnet carrier. Inside the Sealless Pump, there is a containment shroud, and inside of that containment vessel is another shaft, which is not the same as the shaft connected to the motor. This shaft inside the containment shell is connected to the impeller, and inside the shroud is another magnet. So the outer magnet in the carrier is connected to the motor, and when it spins, the magnetic forces go through the containment vessel to the inner magnet, which is attached to a shaft which is attached to the impeller to rotate the shaft.
Sealless Pumps keep People and the Environment safe. Sealless Pumps typically Pump hazardous materials that may sometimes be considered Environmental Contaminants, making zero-leakage sealless pumps excellent for employees and the environment. Sealless Pumps, on the other hand, can operate 2 to 3 years without maintenance, unless bearings need to be replaced.