PVDF Coupled Pumps

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PVDF Coupled Pumps

We Numatic Pumps are leading PVDF Centrifugal Pump Manufacturers and Exporter in India. These Pumps are PVDF Injection Molded and PVDF Lined Back Pull out Centrifugal Coupled Pumps. PVDF Centrifugal Pumps are specially designed for highly corrosive Liquids, Chemicals and Acids to operate at high temperatures applications. Our PVDF Centrifugal Pumps deliver outstanding performance with economical prices .The range being easy in use and demands minimum maintenance. PVDF Pumps offer thick injection molded casing with C.I Or S.S casing liner insert for strength of casing with easy replaceable method. Open Type and Semi open (Injection-Molded) Impeller with metal insert. Excellent mechanical properties over a wide range of temperatures up to 120° C.

Applications and Industries Served:
* Chemical Process Upto 120°C * Refineries * Electro Plating * Petrochemicals * Fertilizer Plant * Solvents * Highly Corrosive Acid Transfer * Perfumeries * Caustic Plant * Steel Industries * Drugs and Pharmaceuticals * Scrubber Unit * Organic/Non Organic Chemical * Air Conditioning * Effluent * Dyes and Pigments * Sprinkle Systems * Pickling Plant * Paper and Pulp Industries * Water Treatment * Thermal and Atomic Power

PVDF Pumps specifications

PVDF Pump is an abbreviation for Polyvinylidene Fluoride Pump, which is in high demand in the plastics sector due to its chemical inertness and great ageing resistance. They are intended to facilitate processing by all forms of convection utilised in the plastics industry. If you’re looking for anything similar, Numatic Pumps is one of the best PVDF Pump Manufacturers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

The Polyvinylidene Fluoride Pumps provided a feature with a robust bearing pedestal that is designed to assure trouble-free operation in all situations. Before you buy a PVDF Centrifugal Pump or any other type of Industrial pump, such as PVDF Process Pumps or PVDF Chemical Pumps, review its characteristics and features to get a better understanding of the pumps.

The Benefits of PVDF Pumps:

* PVDF Pumps feature a single piece of thick-walled vacuum-proof plastic casing and no extra sealing points within the pump.
* Coated with epoxy paint to provide exterior corrosion protection for the pump and base plate.
* To avoid damage, the PVDF Pump housing is enclosed in a metal body.
* The metal shell absorbs any pipeline forces.
* Chemical process pumps are built to withstand harsh environments and can withstand high system pressures.
* Because of its heavy-duty pedestal, it ensures trouble-free operation.
* A modular system enables cost-effective spare component supply.