SS Self Priming Monoblock Pump SSMS-1

Self Priming Pump

● Pump Type – Centrifugal, Horizontal, Monoblock Type, Self Priming Pump,
● Pump Material – Casing, Impeller and Stuffing Box is Made of SS 316 Material.
● Shaft – SS 316
● Max Head – Upto 42 Meter
● Max Flow – 60 Leter per Minute
● Standard Duty – 1 m³/h @ 40 Meter
● Negative Suction – 3 Meter
● Inlet & Outlet – 25mm x 25mm (Threaded end Connection)
● Motor Specification – 1 HP, NFLP, 2800 RPM, 50 Hz, 1 or 3 Phase.
● Fluid Temprature – 90° C (Max)
● Seal Type – Single Spring Mechanical Seal with Silicon v/s Silicon with Viton O Ring
● Impeller – OpenType

Self Priming Monoblock Pumps

Self Priming Monoblock Pumps are highly demanded for the purpose of pumping petroleum products, chemicals, effluents, Milk, Cream, Butter Milk, Condensed Milk, Fruit Juice, Sugar Syrup, Vitamin Solutions, Sugar, Confectionery, R 0 Water, DM Water, Pure Water. Water for Injection (WFI), Vegetable Oil, Mineral Oil, Lub Oil, Pharmaceutical Formulations, Syrup, Alkaline Solution, Fine Chemicals, Bottling Plants, Soft Drinks, Distillery, Food Processing, Liquid Food Stuffs and sewage. Owing to their non-clogging impeller to handle suspended solids and dynamically balanced rotating parts, these SS Self Priming Monoblock Pumps are highly appreciated among our customers. Moreover, it is available with us in all the grades and sizes.
We offer Stainless Steel Self Priming Pump which are Ideal for use in different household, commercial and agricultural applications, our SSMS series Self Priming Pumps are specifically designed for low power consumption and to allow the pump to re-prime itself typically under lift conditions. SS Self Priming Pumps eliminate the need for foot valves, vacuum and ejector pumps, which are clogged during prolonged or remote operation.
We are the leading and prominent Manufacturer, Exporter and Trader of Stainless Steel Self Priming Monoblock Pumps in India.

Self Priming Pumps

A SS Monoblock Self Priming Pump is a mechanical device in which the spinning parts are housed on a single shaft. As a result, there is minimal energy loss during the transmission from motor to shaft. All major pumps are non-sealing and must be primed using a flooded section or a foot valve or a non-return valve. Self-priming pumps, on the other hand, do not require priming since they are self-priming. Monoblock pump sets emerged to prevent transmission losses of 7% in belt driven sets and 3% in coupling driven sets due to transmission losses of 7% and 3%, respectively. Mono means single, and as the name implies, Monoblock Horizontal Pumps are also Self Priming Pumps. This indicates that the Pump unit is rigidly coupled, that is, it is connected to a long shaft electric motor. Pump size is reduced due to the compact structure; axial intake and radial exit.