Monoblock Pump PVDFM-3

Monoblock Pump Manufacturers in India

● Max Flow – 400 Liter Per Minute
● Max Flow in Hours – 24000 Liter Per Hours
● Max Head – 24 Meter
● Capacity – 24 Cubic Meter
● Inlet/Outlet – 40mm x 40mm
● End Connection – Threaded Type
● Max Temperature – 100° C.
● Motor Capacity – 3 HP
● Motor Specification – 3 Phase 2800 RPM 50Hz
● Casing, Stuffing Box & Impeller – PVDF
● Shaft – SS316 with Ceramic Sleeve
● Mechanical Seal – Teflon Bellow Multi Spring Seal
● Face – Metalic Carbon Vs Ceramic

Price: ₹ 45,500


1) All Prices are Excluding GST.
2) Transportation will be on To pay Basis.

PVDF Lined Pumps

PVDF Monoblock Pump is a Horizontal Monotype Compact Process Pump. PVDF Lined Pumps Monoblock series process Pumps are supplied with Mechanical Shaft Seal / Gland Packing arrangement covering 85% of the chemical Industries requirement. The pumps are manufactured from PVDF Polyvinylidene Fluoride Chemically inert thermoplastic by the use of an exclusive moulding process. We even have a complete range of PVDF Lined Pump in Monoblock Type and Closed Coupled Types. These pumps give you unusual protection against highly Corrosive Chemicals. The solidly moulded casing and impeller ensure a smooth running pump for long life and a minimum of wear. All pumps, shafts are fitted with sleeves of different materials compatible with the liquid handled.

  • Size available to handle flow from 1 m3 to 100 m3 per hour.
  • Allows high working temperature up-to 70 Degree Celsius.
  • Designed to strictly restrict any chemical absorption into the interior section, hence allows changeover of chemicals without contamination, just by flushing the pump properly.
  • Can be used for continuous or intermittent service.
  • Less costly, yet can handle a wider range of chemicals than any special alloy pumps.
  • All metal parts are protected with chemical grade epoxy coating.
  • Choice of threaded or flanged fittings available.