Monoblock Pump PVDFM-5

Monoblock Pump Manufacturers in India

● Max Flow – 585 Liter Per Minute
● Max Flow in Hours – 35100 Liter Per Hours
● Max Head – 34 Meter
● Capacity – 35 Cubic Meter
● Inlet/Outlet – 50mm x 50mm
● End Connection – Threaded Type
● Max Temperature – 100° C.
● Motor Capacity – 5 HP
● Motor Specification – 3 Phase 2800 RPM 50Hz
● Casing, Stuffing Box & Impeller – PVDF
● Shaft – SS316 with Ceramic Sleeve
● Mechanical Seal – Teflon Bellow Multi Spring Seal
● Face – Metalic Carbon Vs Ceramic

Price: ₹ 49,500


1) All Prices are Excluding GST.
2) Transportation will be on To pay Basis.

PVDF Chemical Transfer Monoblock Pumps

Numatic Pumps Deals in all type Industrial Pumps and Mainly in Acid and Corrosive Liquids Handling Pumps. We have a large range of Pumps in PP, PVDF, PTFE and PVC. Depends upon flow, Temperature and Environment we suggest suitable Pumps like Magnetic Drive Sealless Pump, Monoblock Type, Centrifugal Closed Coupled, Vertical Type or Barrel Pump. The company has been serving Indian Industry and abroad since last Five Years. We serve a wide range of sizes of pumps in solid injection moulded PVDF material as well in PVDF Lined.
PVDF offers the specific advantages of easy processing in accordance with all the conventional methods used in the plastic industry. PVDF offers a high-Temperature Performance to the other process which results in superior thermo-mechanical properties.

This pump Applications are as under:

  • Water Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, Electro Plating, Pickling & Steel Rolling Mills.
  • Excellent for Transfer and Loading – Unloading like HCL, Sulphuric Acid / Alkali, Caustic liquid.
  • Scrubbing of corrosive gases like NH2, CO2, SO2, L2, F2, BR2, CL2, etc.
  • For handling liquids in various industries like textile, paper, cellulose, sugar, steel, food, having a temperature range, materials etc.
  • Ideal for Circulation of Chemical in metal finishing industries.
  • A natural choice for pickling line & scrubber in steel plants.
  • High capacity transfer pumps, filter press for dyes and chemicals, descaling oil & other fuels.
  • Pesticide / insecticide plants, Chlorine Plants
  • Pharmaceutical and bulk drug plants.