PP Monoblock Pump PM-3

PP Polypropylene Pump

● Pump Type – Centrifugal, Horizontal, Monoblock type, Non Self Priming Pump,
● Pump Material – Casing, Impeller and Back Plate is Made of PP (Polypropylene) Material.
● Shaft – SS 316 with Ceramic Sleeve
● Max Head – Upto 23 Meter
● Max Flow – 533 Leter per Minute
● Standard Duty – 22 m3/hr @ 12 Meter
● Inlet & Outlet – 50mm x 40mm (Threaded end Connection with Flange)
● Motor Specification – 3 HP, NFPL, 2800 RPM, 50 Hz, 3 Phase.
● Fluid Temprature – 70° C (Max)
● Seal Type – PTFE (Teflon) Bellow with Ceramic and GFT Facings
● Impeller – Semi Open Type

Non Metallic Pumps

Non Metallic Pumps are corrosion-resistant pumps that are commonly used in the chemical and Acid industry. Non Metallic Pump is widely used in a number of industries for the purpose of moving the Acidic and Corrosive fluid in an industrial process where no Metal Sustain. The use of non-metallic pumps for applications involving water and wastewater treatment, pollution control, Electroplating, Chemical Process, Battery Industries, Dyes & Intermediates industries, Effluent Treatment Plants, Alkalis & Atomic Power Station, Paint industries, Hydro & Atomic Power Station, Picture Tube Industries, Pharmaceutical Plants, Steel Re-rolling Plants, Acid Regeneration Plants, Chemical Industries and other related services has been expanding at a dramatic rate for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are related to the growing awareness of the need to protect our environment and natural resources. Others are mandated by government regulations Still, others are associated with the development of new and superior engineered plastics and the corresponding economic need to extend equipment life and improve performance. Non Metallic pumps are made up of material like PP, PPH, PVDF, PTFE, FEP and PFA.

Non metallic pumps are extremely competitive in terms of corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and their prices are relatively low when compared to metal pumps, thus they are extensively employed in the chemical, smelting, environmental protection, and other sectors. When selecting non-metallic pumps, the following criteria should be considered: mechanical qualities, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, temperature, weight, and thermal insulation capabilities, and flame resistance.

Types of Non-Metallic Pumps

Non Metallic Pumps Designed to Global Standards Embracing a global approach to pump design, Numatic Pumps offers sealed and sealless non-metallic pumps engineered to ASME and ISO design criteria and specifications. Our range of Non-Metallic Pumps includes Centrifuga Type, Positive Displacement Type, Horizontal Type, Vertical Type, Electric Driven Type, Pneumatic Driven Type. All the above mention are available in PP, PVDF, FEP, PFA Material. PP, PVDF solid moulded and FEP, PFA Lined Pumps are well suited for highly corrosive applications in the worldwide process industries.

Non Metallic Pumps temperature resistance capacity:

PP up to 60°C

PPH up to 100°C
PVDF up to 120°C
FEP up to 150°C
PFA up to 200°C