SS Monoblock Pump SSM-7.5

Stainless Steel Monoblock Closed Coupled Pump

● Pump Type – Centrifugal, Horizontal, Monoblock type, Non Self Priming Pump,
● Pump Material – Casing, Impeller and Back Plate is Made of SS (Stainless Steel 316)
● Shaft – SS 316
● Max Head – Upto 56 Meter
● Max Flow – 600 Leter per Minute
● Standard Duty – 8 m3/hr @ 7 Meter
● Inlet & Outlet – 25mm x 25mm (Flange end Connection)
● Motor Specification – 7.5 HP, NFPL, 2800 RPM, 50 Hz, 1 Phase / 3 Phase.
● Fluid Temprature – 90° C (Max)
● Seal Type – Single Spring with Ceramic v/s Carbon Facings
● Impeller – Closed Type

SS Pump Manufacturer

We are a leading SS Pump Manufacturer in India Mumbai. There are a few companies which manufacturer the total range of SS Pumps we are among it. Our SS Range of Pump includes SS Pumps, SS Monoblock Pump, SS Coupled Pump, SS Centrifugal Pump, SS Self Priming Pump, SS Barrel Pump, SS Pneumatic Pump, SS Gear Pump, SS Screw Pump, SS Sealless Pump, SS Fuel Pump.

SS Pump

In the chemical sector, SS Pumps are used to handle solvents, chemicals, and liquids that are compatible with Stainless Steel SS316 construction. For handling chemicals and corrosive liquids, SS Pumps include a silicon carbide mechanical seal.

How does a SS Monoblock Pump work?

A SS Monoblock Pump is a mechanical device in which the spinning components are housed on a single shaft. As a result, there is minimal energy loss during the transmission from motor to shaft. Stainless Steel Monoblock pump sets emerged to prevent transmission losses of 7% in belt driven sets and 3% in coupling driven sets due to transmission losses of 7% and 3%, respectively. Mono denotes single, therefore the Monoblock Horizontal Pump is a centrifugal pump that is not self-priming. This indicates that the Pump unit is rigidly coupled, that is, it is connected to a long shaft electric motor. Pump size is reduced due to the compact structure; axial intake and radial exit. SS Monoblock Pumps provides Energy Efficient, Cost Effective, and Reliable Pumps.