SS Motorised Screw Barrel Pumps - SSMSB-1

SS 316 Motorised High Viscosity Screw Barrel Drum Pump

● Suction Tube – Stainless Steel 316
● Screw – Stainless Steel 316
● Oil Seal & O-Ring – Viton
● Electrical Motor – 1 HP, NFLP, 3 Phase, 2880 RPM, Hindustan Make.
● Max Flow LPM & Head – 50 Liter Per Minute and Max Head 2 Mtr depend upon Media Viscosity.
● Pump Length – 1000 mm
● Inlet & Outlet – Discharge 25mm & Suction 44mm
● Suitable for – 200 – 210 ltr Barrel.
● Max. Viscosity can Operate – 15000 CPS
● Max Temperature – 100° C
● Suitable Media – Juice, Fevicol , Honey, Ketchup, Paint, Process Cheese, Soya Bean Slurry, Glucose etc.

SS Motorised Screw Barrel Pumps

SS Motorised Screw Barrel Pumps are vertical type Screw Pumps sized to fit into the bungholes of Barrels. SS 316 Motorised Screw Barrel Pumps have a portable design and very useful for pumping out high viscous material from Barrels. Stainless Steel Motorised Screw Barrel Pumps are available with Air or Electric motors. SS Motorised Screw Barrel Pumps can be used for transfer High Viscosity Media Like Pastes, Tomato Paste, Ketchup, Srikhand, Adhesives, Glucose, Petroleum Jelly, other Jellies, Cosmetics, Shampoos, Creams, Paste and many such High and Low Viscous Materials. Screw Barrel Pumps are especially useful in the Food Industry, Beverage Industry and Pharma industry as they prevent contamination from the environment during transfer as also due to manual handling of the material. Motorised Barrel Screw Pumps are also known as paste transfer Pumps or High viscous Barrel Pumps.