SS Motorised Screw Barrel Pumps - SSMSBHV-1

SS 316 Motorised High Viscosity Screw Barrel Drum Pump

● Suction Tube – Stainless Steel 316
● Screw – Stainless Steel 316
● Oil Seal & O-Ring – Viton
● Electrical Motor – 1 Phase, 50 Hz, 950 RPM
● Max Flow LPM & Head – 40 Liter Per Minute and Max Head 15 Mtr depend upon Media Viscosity.
● Pump Length – 1000 mm
● Inlet & Outlet – Discharge 25mm & Suction 44mm
● Suitable for – 199 – 210 ltr Barrel.
● Max. Viscosity can Operate – 15000 to 100000 CPS
● Max Temperature – 100° C
● Suitable Media – Wax, Sludge, Liquid Soaps, Plastic Solutions, Juice, Fevicol , Honey, Paint, Glue, Syrups, Liquid Chocolate, Glycerine etc.

SS Motorised Screw Barrel Pump

SS Electrical Screw Barrel Emptying Pumps are mainly used when the Viscosity of the liquid to be pumped is higher than 700 Centipois or if high pressures are required. The High Viscous Motorised Screw Barrel Pumps are all Manufactured in Stainless Steel 316 but the rotor casing can be supplied in various materials, depending on the liquids that need to be pumped. The standard pump length is 1000 mm but can be Customised as per client demand. The maximum speed depends on the viscosity of the liquids that need to be pumped. The higher the viscosity, the slower the speed will be. The SS High Viscosity Motorised Screw Barrel Pump, therefore, can be produced with various drives both Electric Motor Driven or Pneumatic, Compressed air driven.