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SS Centrifugal Pump SSC-20


Model NoSSC-20
Max Flow2000 Liter Per Minute
Max Flow in Hours120000 Liter Per Hours
Max Head130 Meter
Capacity120 Cubic Meter
Inlet/Outlet100mm x 80mm
End ConnectionThreaded Type
Max Temperature120° C.
Motor Capacity20 HP
Motor Specification3 Phase 2800 RPM 50Hz
Casing, Stuffing Box & ShaftSS316
ImpellerSS316 Semi-open type
Mechanical SealTeflon Bellow Seal
FaceSilicon v/s Silicon


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3)Price for Bare Pump Without Motor.
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SS Centrifugal Pump

We are one of the Leading SS Centrifugal Pumps Manufacturers in India. Our range also includes Polypropylene and PVDF Centrifugal Pumps. These SS 316 (Stainless Steel) Centrifugal Pumps are basically used at refinery off-site, paper & pulp industries, food industries, Sugar industries, Sea water desalinates plants, Absorption plants in environmental engineering, Power stations, laminates industries, textiles industries, Rubber industries, handling of hydrocarbons, D.M. water, salt, power stations and in industries such as fertilizer and other process industries etc. The centrifugal pump is the most used pump type in the world.

The principle of this Pump is simple, well-described and thoroughly tested, and the Centrifugal pump is robust, effective and relatively inexpensive to produce. An increase in the fluid pressure from the pump inlet to outlet is created when the pump is in operation. This pressure difference drives the fluid through the system or plant. The centrifugal pump creates an increase in pressure by transferring mechanical energy from the motor to the fluid through the rotating impeller. The fluid flows from the inlet to the impeller center and out along its blades. The centrifugal force hereby increases the fluid velocity and consequently also the kinetic energy is transformed to pressure.

Numatic Pumps has a long Range of Pumps and Mechanical Seals. Monoblock Pump in PP, PVDF and SS 316 Material. Magnetic Drive Pump in PP, PVDF and SS 316 Material. Mechanical Seals Includes Metal Bellow Seal, Grundfos Pump Seal, Multi Spring Seal, Agitator Seal etc.

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