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PP Monoblock Pump PM-7.5


Model NoPM-7.5
Max Flow750 Liter Per Minute
Max Flow in Hours45000 Liter Per Hours
Max Head34 Meter
Capacity45 Cubic Meter
Inlet / Outlet75 mm x 40 mm
End ConnectionThreaded Type
Max Temperature70° C.
Motor Capacity7.5 HP
Motor Specification3 Phase 2800 RPM 50Hz
Casing & ImpellerPolypropylene.
Stuffing Box & ShaftSS316 with Ceramic Sleeve
Mechanical SealPTFE Bellow Multispring Seal
FaceGFT / Ceramic.


1)All Prices are Excluding GST.
2)Transportation will be on To pay Basis.
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We strongly believe in Dealing and exporting the world-class quality of Pumps to our valuable Clients. For that, we have chosen the most trusted Vendor in terms of Quality and Services. We have all range of Pumps from Small to Big. We do not compromise in Quality for Quantity. Our main Focus is in Acid Circulation and Transferring Pumps. The Smallest Acid Pump we have is 8LPM, 0.3HP Capacity. From last five years, we are dealing in best quality of Acid Transfer and Circulation pumps which is specially designed for Sulphuric (H2SO4), Hydrochloric (HCL), and Nitric (HNO3) Acid resistant Pumps with a wide range.

Chemical Pumps can transfer many different Chemicals but our Pump is exclusively designed for these three Acids Sulphuric (H2SO4), Hydrochloric (HCL), and Nitric (HNO3) Transfer application in which it helps to transfer Sulphuric (H2SO4), Hydrochloric (HCL), and Nitric (HNO3) from one point to another point.

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