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Magnetic Pump SS-300


Model NoSS-300
Max Flow300 Liter Per Minute
Max Flow in Hours18000 Liter Per Hours
Max Head20 Meter
Standard Duty Point200 LPM at 10 Meter.
Inlet/Outlet32mm x 32mm
End ConnectionFlange Type
Max Temperature120° C.
Motor Capacity1.5 HP
Motor Specification3 Phase 2800 RPM 50Hz
Amps & Watts2.54 / 1119
Casing, Back Plate & ImpellerStainless Steel 316
Stuffing Box & ShaftStainless Steel 316
Sealing ArrangementSealless Pumps


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Sealless Acid Pumps

We are Sealless Acid Handling, Transfering and Circulation Pumps Manufacturers & Suppliers in India.

Sealless Acid Handling Pumps offer advantages for a number of the toughest, hard-to-seal Chemical applications in the Biodiesel production process. Historically, sealless pumps have been used to avoid fugitive emissions and provide a safety element in the handling of volatile or hazardous chemicals.

Sealless Acid Handling Pumps and the Biodiesel Industry share an important common denominator, safer, cleaner environment. By eliminating the rotating Mechanical Shaft Seal of traditional Centrifugal Pumps, Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps eliminate the possibility of fluid leaks and for potentially harmful chemicals to escape. There is a host of other compelling reasons to consider the use of Centrifugal Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps in the Biodiesel production process. Technology developments, years of application experience and an ever-widening acceptance of the equipment have resulted in a reliable, cost-effective application. Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps offer advantages for a number of the toughest, hard-to-seal Chemical applications in the biodiesel production process.

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