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PP Monoblock Pump PM-0.5


Model NoPM-0.5
Max Flow150 Liter Per Minute
Max Flow in Hours9000 Liter Per Hours
Max Head12 Meter
Capacity9 Cubic Meter
Inlet/Outlet25mm x 25mm
End ConnectionThreaded Type
Max Temperature70° C.
Motor Capacity0.5 HP
Motor Specification3 Phase 2800 RPM 50Hz
Casing & ImpellerPolypropylene.
Stuffing Box & ShaftSS316
Mechanical SealRubber Bellow Seal
FaceCarbon / Ceramic.


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Polypropylene Monoblock Pump

We Manufacture Polypropylene Monoblock Pumps which are used in Highly Corrosion Chemicals and Acids. These Polypropylene Pumps are Plastic Pumps made by solid injection moulded Machines also called Glass-filled polypropylene (GFP). Besides This, we also Manufacturer in PVDF and SS316 materials. These pumps incorporate a robust design to handle highly corrosive fluids including corrosive slurries.

Over years of experience, Numatic Pumps has developed corrosion resistant pumps for a wide range of applications. The material of construction is specially selected depending on the specific application. This ensures the highest corrosion resistance and stability. The shaft sleeve and Mechanical Seal are selected to suit the service condition.

PP Monoblock Pumps are Ideal for transfer of corrosive liquids, pharmaceutical products, food and dairy products, chemical transfer and filtration and mainly used in Electroplating and CED Coating Industriel etc. These pumps are specially designed to give high head & capacity. Std. pumps are available with PTFE gland packing and NFLP motor. A flameproof motor can be supplied on request.

For different fluids and chemicals containing suspended particles and slurry special seals with suitable faces are Provided. These pumps have a Back Pull-out construction for easy maintenance without disturbing the piping. The Metallic armour provides maximum protection against suction and the discharge nozzles of the pump. Therefore can handle maximum misalignment distortion and piping loads.

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