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PFA Centrifugal Pump PFAC-2


Model NoPFAC-2
Max Flow266 Liter Per Minute
Max Head13 Meter
Capacity16 Cubic Meter / Hour
Inlet/Outlet40mm x 25mm
End ConnectionFlanged Type
Impeller Type & DiameterSemi-Open 175 mm
Max Temperature150° C.
Motor Capacity2 HP
Motor Specification3 Phase, NFLP, 2800 RPM, 50Hz
Casing & Stuffing BoxPFA Moulded with Metal Armour
ImpellerPFA Moulded with Metal Insert
ShaftSS316 with Ceramic Sleeve
Mechanical Seal TypeOM-TB
FaceSilicon / Silicon


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What is PFA Material and why it is been Used?

PFA is a co-polymer product of PTFE (Teflon). PFA material can bare Temperature up to 200 to 260 ° Celsius. The key advantage of PFA is its melt processability because of lower melt viscosity than PTFE. Thus, PFA is lined in Pump Armour and can be coated on Impeller and other Pump Components. PFA is semi-crystalline material, the maximum achievable Crystallinity is 60%. Because of the high strength between Carbon, Fluorine and Oxygen atoms, PFA exhibits similar properties to PTFE over a large range of temperatures. PFA has an outstanding chemical resistance, even at elevated temperature. It is resistant to strong mineral acids, inorganic bases, and inorganic oxidizing agents and to most of the organic compounds and their mixtures common in the chemical industry. PFA is generally used for plastic lab equipment because of its extreme resistance to chemical attack, optical transparency, and overall flexibility. PFA is also used as tubing for handling critical or highly corrosive processes. PTFE is slightly more resistant to heat than PFA. PFA is more affected by water absorption and weathering but is superior to PTFE when it comes to salt spray resistance. PFA has the same dielectric constant as PTFE as well as a very similar dissipation factor, yet PFA has a dielectric strength three to four times higher than PTFE. PFA is superior to PTFE in terms of flexibility particularly when it comes to tubing applications.

Key features of PFA Material:

  • Chemically stable

  • Excellent dielectric strength

  • Wide temperature range (200°C to 260°C)

  • Resistant to nearly all chemicals

  • Anti-Stick properties

  • Low co-efficient of friction

  • FDA approved

  • High purity

  • UV Resistant

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