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Magnetic Pump SS-85


Model NoSS-85
Max Flow85 Liter Per Minute
Max Flow in Hours5100 Liter Per Hours
Max Head9.5 Meter
Pressure KG/CM240 LPM at 3 Meter.
Inlet/Outlet32mm x 25mm
End ConnectionThreaded Type
Max Temperature120° C.
Motor Capacity0.50 HP
Motor Specification1 Phase 2800 RPM 50Hz
Amps & Watts0.50 / 224
Casing, Back Plate & ImpellerStainless Steel 316
Stuffing Box & ShaftStainless Steel 316
Sealing ArrangementSealless Pumps


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Magnetic Drive Pumps

We are one of the Leading Magnetic Drive Pumps Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesalers, Exporter in India and Abroad. We have captured whole Indian Market from Mumbai to Kolkata, Chennai to Delhi.

Magnetic drive pumps are designed to be driven by the force of Magnets. Because of this, Pumps of this kind do not have the Shaft coming out of the Pump casing, hence there is no need for shaft sealing devices such as Gland Packing or Mechanical seals.

With Magnetic Drive Pumps, an external magnet is placed on the drive shaft and responsible for transmitting motion to an internal magnet that connects to the Impeller. Impeller rotates and moves fluid through the Pump. Both magnets are separated by a rear casing that creates what is known as a hermetic containment of the liquid with no access to the outside.

Besides Stainless Steel we also Provide Magnetic Drive Pump in Polypropylene and PVDF Material also.

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