PP Motorised Barrel Pump - PPMB-1

Polypropylene Motorised Barrel Drum Vertical Pump Manufacturers UAE

● Pump Material – Suction Tube and Impeller is of PP (Polypropylene) Material.
● Shaft – Hastelloy – C
● Oil Seal and Oring – Viton
● Electrical Motor’s – 1 HP, 1050 Watts, 1 Phase, (Metal Body Motor)
● Max Flow LPM & Head – at 12000 RPM, 100 Liter Per Minute and 10 Meter Head.
● Pump Length – 1000 mm
● Inlet & Outlet – 1000 mm for 1200mm Rs.750/- Extra
● Suitable for – 200 – 210 ltr Barrel. / 50 ltrs cans
● Max. Viscosity can Operate – 300 cps
● Max. Gravity can Operate – 1.8
● Max Temperature – 70° C
● Impeller – Open Type
● Suitable Media – Acid and Corrosion Liquid’s

PP Motorised Barrel Pump

The principle of the PP Motorised Barrel Pump / PP Electric Drum pump has proven its worth in the field of Pumps for decades and is suitable for most applications as well as Industrial Branches. The PP Motorised Barrel Pump / PP Electric Drum Pump belongs to the family of the axial-acting Centrifugal Pumps. By many customers, it is also called a Rod Pump / Submersible Pump / Electrical Polypropylene Barrel Pump / Motorised Drum Pump / Motorised Barrel Emptying Pump.
A Polypropylene Motorised Barrel Pump consists of a drive motor and the pump tube suitable for the respective application, which stands as a suction tube vertically in the bunghole of a 200-liter barrel or an IBC container and represents the actual pump.
The Drive Motors is quickly and easily connected to the suction tube of our Motorised Barrel Pump by a handwheel so that different pump tubes can be combined with the same drive

Motorised Barrel Pump

Liquids are pumped from barrels to reactors, carboys, drums, and other containers using motorised barrel pumps. Electric Barrel Pumps and Pneumatic Barrel Pumps are the two types of motors used in motorised barrel pumps. Motorised Barrel Pumps are a one-of-a-kind type of pump for emptying barrels since they are self-priming, small, and easy to transport from one location to another. (MS) Mild Steel, (PP) Polypropylene, (PVDF) Polyvinylidene fluoride, and (SS) Stainless Steel are some of the MOCs available for motorised barrel pumps.

Electric Barrel Pump application and sitable material:

* MS Mild Steel Motorised Barrel Pumps
Engine oils, Lubricant oils, Hydraulic Oils, Diesel, and non-reactive liquids
* PP Polypropylene MotorisedBarrel Pumps

Acids, Chemicals, Corrosive Liquids, Hydrochloric Acids, Toxic Chemicals
* PVDF Polyvinylidene fluoride Motorised Barrel Pumps

Concentrated Acid, Concentrated Chemicals, Sulphuric Acid, Acetic Acid, Bromine
* SS Stainless Steel Motorised Barrel Pumps

Dairy Industries, Sanitary Industries, Food Processing Industries, Milk Industries, Beverages, Fruit Juice, Pharma Industries, Drug Industries.

SS Stainless Steel Pneumatic Barrel Pumps

Diesel, Solvents, Thinner, Petrol