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What is a Pneumatic Barrel Pump?

Pneumatic Barrel Pump is a pump placed on or inside a Drum or Barrel to remove and transfer the liquid. This eliminates the need to tip a heavy Drum or Barrel to remove the liquid or manually remove liquid using a mug or container. There are many types and of Pneumatic Barrel Pump available in different Tube lengths, Materials and Capacity. The available Material with us are PP Polypropylene, SS 316 and PVDF.
Pneumatic Barrel Pump or Pneumatic Drum pumps are useful for safe and efficient handling of highly Corrosive Chemicals, Solvents, Acids, Diesel oil, and fuel oils, Petrol and Petroleum Products, Plating Solution, Toxic Chemicals etc.
The mail advantage of Pneumatic Barrel Pump is that Operating Compressed Air never gets in contact with Pumped Liquid. The Pneumatic Barrel Pump or Pneumatic Drum pumps can be directly inserted in to the barrel and fits on the bunghole by means of threading provided on the pump adopter. It sucks the liquid from the bottom and hence less chances of leftover material. Pneumatic Barrel Pump or Pneumatic Drum pumps are self-priming pump hence no need of any Priming Pot or non-Return Valve or Foot Valve.