PVDF Motorised Barrel Pump - PVDFMB

Polypropylene Motorised Barrel Drum Vertical Pump Manufacturers UAE

● Pump Material – Suction Tube and Impeller is of PVDF ( Polyvinylidene Fluoride )
● Shaft – Hastelloy
● Oil Seal and Oring – Viton
● Electrical Motor’s – 0.75 HP, 0.55Kw, 1 Phase, 50 Hz
● Max Flow LPM & Head – at 10000 RPM, 70 Liter Per Minute and 15 Meter Head.
● Pump Length – 1000 mm
● Inlet & Outlet – Discharge 25mm & Suction 44mm
● Suitable for – 200 – 210 Ltr Barrel / 50 Ltrs cans
● Max. Viscosity can Operate – 300 cps
● Max. Gravity can Operate – 1.8
● Max Temperature – 100°C
● Impeller – Open Type
● Suitable Media – Chemical, Acid, Corrosion Liquid’s and Oils (having low viscosity)

PVDF Motorised Barrel Pumps / PVDF Electric Drum Pumps

We are leading Motorised Barrel Pumps manufacturers in India. These Motorised Barrel Pumps are designed for Low Viscosity and high Viscosity Liquids. Motorised Barrel Impeller Pumps are for Low Viscosity and Motorised Screw Barrel Pumps are for High Viscosity Liquids. These Motorised Barrel Pumps are particularly designed and engineered to meet the needs of highly productive industries. The most important feature of these Motorised Barrel Pumps is its specially developed unit, the unique pump tube, and the axial vane impeller. The power on/off switch is located at the top, that makes it easy to use. The rugged motor is designed having a large handle grip to ensure a secure grasp when wearing bulky rubber gloves. Pump tubes used are interchangeable and can be easily connected or disconnected from the motor by means of grip collar nut.

Our List of Products is Electric Barrel Pump, Motorised Screw Barrel Pump, Pneumatic Barrel Pump & Pneumatic Screw Barrel pump. All these pumps are designed and developed by our expert professional for extensive usage in respective applications. These pumps are manufactured as per Indian and international norms and standards. Moreover, custom-made pumps are also available. We also provide timely door-step delivery for our valued Clients.

Motorised Barrel Pump

How Does a Motorised Barrel Pump Work?


The Motorised Barrel Pump fits into the top hole of a drum through a thin tube that contains a vertical shaft. This vertical shaft is connected to an electric motor, either AC or DC. A switch on the motor activates the drum pump. When the pump is turned on, the pumping mechanism emerges from the tube’s base, sucking up the contents. The tube’s base is either a rotor or a tiny centrifugal pump impeller. Electric Operated Drum Pump are similar to manual drum pumps, except they run on electricity. They’re suitable for jobs that need a large amount of data transmission. Motorised Barrel Pumps are available in both battery-powered and wired versions. They come in a variety of voltages; higher voltage variants are often thicker and heavier, with a variety of lever forms and lengths. For high amounts of drum drainage volume, electrically powered devices are ideal. A Motorised Drum Pump is a pump that is used to transfer liquid from or to a drum (container). These liquids can be water or other liquids with a density of up to 1.8. As a result, tilting a drum to empty it may be difficult, inefficient, and even dangerous. A good Electric Drum Pump will pull the liquid out (or in) with minimal spillage. Many chemical factories, food processing facilities, and other manufacturing and processing plants that buy liquids or pasty goods in drums or totes utilise Motorised Drum Pumps (a larger container). These businesses typically require a viable technique to remove little amounts of fluid from the container.

Because there are so many different kinds of liquids that need to be processed, moved, transported, and handled, Motorised Barrel Pumps are intended to manage them all. Drum Pumps come in a variety of configurations, including Electrically Driven, Manually Operated, and Pneumatically Operated. They can also be used interchangeably however, they may be hard-wired into a drum or barrel in some cases. This portable liquid transfer equipment may be hard-piped into an industrial system and comes in metallic and non-metallic (plastic) materials to prevent corrosion when used with corrosive liquids.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Motorised Barrel Pump?



* The major benefit of a motorised barrel pump is that it minimises the chance of spilling, preventing injuries from chemical splashes and leaks, as well as poisonous odours.

* Motorised barrel pumps are self-priming and may be utilised in a variety of situations.

* Because barrel pumps are light and portable, they are easy to move between containers.

* A single Motorised Barrel Pump may be used for a variety of viscosity and density materials.



* Because motorised barrel pumps are primarily designed for certain container sizes, they cannot be utilised in a different container or barrel.

* Similarly, a barrel pump designed for one type of fluid may be unable to discharge another due to viscosity differences or chemical incompatibility.

* Typical flow rates range from 20 to 100 litres per minute, with low viscosity liquids and strong electric motors achieving the maximum flow rates.

* Because motorised barrel pumps have exterior tube diameters of only around 50mm, they cannot handle particles or slurries.