PP Monoblock Pump PM-1

Polypropylene Pump

● Pump Type – Centrifugal, Horizontal, Monoblock type, Non Self Priming Pump,
● Pump Material – Casing, Impeller and Back Plate is Made of PP (Polypropylene) Material.
● Shaft – SS 316 with Ceramic Sleeve
● Max Head – Upto 14 Meter
● Max Flow – 233 Leter per Minute
● Standard Duty – 8 m3/hr @ 7 Meter
● Inlet & Outlet – 25mm x 25mm (Threaded end Connection with Flange)
● Motor Specification – 1 HP, NFPL, 2800 RPM, 50 Hz, 3 Phase.
● Fluid Temprature – 70° C (Max)
● Seal Type – PTFE (Teflon) Bellow with Ceramic and GFT Facings
● Impeller – Semi Open Type

Chemical Pumps

And we are a Leading Chemical Pump Manufacturer Company in India Mumbai. Chemical pumps are used to transfer chemicals and are designed to be resistant to corrosive and abrasive industrial liquids such as fuel, paint, bleach, solvents, etc. Chemical Pumps are of two types Metallic and Non-Metallic. Depending upon liquid PH Value, its type of material is finalised. We have a complete range of Non Metallic Pumps like PP Chemical Pumps, PVDF Chemical Pumps, FEP Chemical Pumps and PFA Chemical Pumps its all depend on temperature.

Chemical pumps are built to transport and resist chemicals and chemical slurries. They are developed and built to handle a wide range of viscosity, corrosiveness, and abrasiveness. Some of these pumps are also metering pumps, providing flow measurement and control for applications requiring accurate chemical quantities. The first step in selecting a chemical pump is evaluating which type of pump is most suited to the application. Because nearly all types of pumps may be built as chemical pumps, there are plenty to choose from.

Chemical Pump should
1) Resist the corrosive effects of multiple Chemicals at various temperatures; and
2) Avoid any unintended emissions that could harm operators or the surrounding area.
3) Chemical pumps can be either a Monoblock Pump or a Closed-Coupled Pump both are Centrifugal Pumps or a positive displacement pump depending on the specific application.

4) The most common Chemical Centrifugal pumps are made in Polypropylene, PVDF and PTFE Material.

Chemical Pumps types

* Centrifugal type

* Reciprocating type

* Horizontal type

* Vertical type